DirecTV vs DishNetwork–Dish Rep Falsely Blasts DirecTV

Yesterday, I was thinking it would be a good idea to rate shop with Dish Network since my Direct TV contract expired a month or so ago. So, I was on the site and chat popped up, I started asking the rep some questions. There were some pretty shocking answers given by this representative. This is the exact text of the chat conversation. I still can’t believe that he would blast DirecTV this way.

Read the below transcript from the chat and let me know what you think about the reps tactics to get me to switch and the debate over DirecTV and DishNetwork  in general.

I left my text black, made the Dish Rep Blue and the most interesting lines from him Red. Other than that, I made no alterations to the transcript. (Oh yah, I just put xxxs for my address also)

I bet DirecTV might be interested in how they are marketing their services with slander.

If any DirecTV or DishNetwork Execs see this, you are welcome to call me at 972-937-6999. I do have the email copy of the transcript as well.

Please wait while we find a representative to assist you…

Welcome to DISH Network, your home for TV Everywhere and HD Free for life. To better assist with your buying experience and ensure that we can contact you in case the session is disconnected, please provide your phone number using this format 999-999-9999.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Hello. Are you still there?

Tom Miles:  ###-##7-6999

Tom Miles:  yes

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Thank you for the information. How may I assist you today?

Tom Miles:  I currently have Directv and want see if you can save me money ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Great! You have taken the right path.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): May I have your complete address so I can check the service in your area?

Tom Miles:  Here is what I need . I need 2 HD DVR rcvrs each capable of recording 2 shows at a time (4 shows total) plus one standard dvr. The 200 package, no movie channels.

Tom Miles:  I do not want to share rcvrs between tvs, because we have to be able to record more than 2 programs at a time

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Okay. The first DVR is free and all you need to take care is the $6 monthly service fee. The 2nd DVR is $99 upfront and $10 monthly service fee.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): There are 3 TVs right?

Tom Miles:  ok, I don’t really care how it breaks down. I would need to know how much TOTAL money is needed up front AND an exact total for my monthly bill including any fees for lease, protection, etc… or anything I would see on my bill other than taxes

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): How many TVs in total Sir?

Tom Miles:  2 hd dvr rcvr and one sd dvr (3 tvs)

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): To check if you do have the perfect programming package, may I know what are your must have channels?

Tom Miles:  I looked, i need the 200 channel package

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Okay. Just checking Sir.

Tom Miles:  Ameica’s top 200

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Let me provide you a DVR so you may be able to pause and record your favorite programs so you will not miss a thing. You can have that for only $6 per month as service fee.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Let me sign you sign up with AutoPay with Paperless Billing. That can give you: HD FREE For Life (24 month commitment), 3 months of Showtime ($13 savings per month, $30 value), 3 months of Playboy ($16 savings per month, $48 value) and 3 months of Dish Platinum ($10 savings per month, $30 value).

Tom Miles:  Ok, I already said all 3 need to be dvrs?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): We need to post that for our quality scores Sir. Sorry.

Tom Miles:  ok. What is Dish Platinum ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is another HD package that has over 20 HD channels of movies.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The package price is $65.99 for the first year and $85.99 for the second year. That includes the America’s Top 200 for $39.99 (Promotional price), 1st HD DVR for $6, 2nd HD DVR for $10 and Standard DVR for $10. The upfront fee is $99 for the 2nd HD DVR.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): May I have your complete address so we can check the prices with taxes?

Tom Miles:  xxx xxxxxxx st, waxahachie, tx 75165

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Give me 2 minutes Sir.

Tom Miles:  ok

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Please bear with me. I would need a few more minutes to look for the information.

Tom Miles:  ok

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Thank you for patiently waiting. Your monthly bill is $55.99 for the first year. It will be $75.99 for the 2nd year. All prices are without taxes yet. The price I quoted includes the America’s Top 200 with the locals for $39.99 (promotional price), DVR Service for $6 and HD Solo DVR Receiver for $10.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The total upfront fee is $167.16 (Lease Receiver Upgrade for $99 and first month’s bill with taxes).

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Sorry about the first quote.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The next step is to get you qualified. To do this, we need to run a credit check and put a card on file. I will need your DOB (mm/dd), SSN (Full SSN only) and Debit/Credit Card number, including the expiration date. The name on the DC/CC used to qualify must be the DISH account holder.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): I will give you free installation, free DVR and Service plan free for 6 months if you will place the order now.

Tom Miles:  ok, is there any other fees for protection plan or lease fees or anything on my monthly bills besides taxes other than the $55.99/month ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is all sir.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): We don’t have hidden fees as well.

Tom Miles:  so, for 1st six months what would my bill be ?

Tom Miles:  sorry, I have a few questions.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is $55.99/month for the first 6 months. If you will retain the Service Plan, it is $6 additional so it will be $61.99 per month from the 7th month to the 12th month.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Not a problem Sir.☺

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): It is part of my job.

Tom Miles:  ok, but what about dvr fees ? you said that was free for 6 months then that goes up also ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): No Sir. It will stay at $6 and $10 until you have the service. What is free for the first 6 months is the Service Plan or the Protection Plan.

Tom Miles:  ok, for all 3 rcvrs, including the dvr service, hd, and service protection, etc… it would be $61.99 1st year and then 81.99 for 2nd year , is that correct ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is correct Sir.

Tom Miles:  no additional fees fo rthe extra rcvrs or dvr, or hd, or anything else ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Nothing more Sir.

Tom Miles:  ok, what rcvrs would I be getting for that and I think you said it was $167 up front total for the rcvrs ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): You will get 1 622/722 and 1 612 DVRs.

Tom Miles:  ok, so only 2 rcvrs total ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Yes Sir.

Tom Miles:  how many shows at one time can be recorded on the HD DVR ?

Tom Miles:  not including the SD one

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That will be 2 live shows per DVR.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Total of 4 live shows at the same time.

Tom Miles:  so, as I said before the 2 HD TVs need to be able to record 2 shows at a time each, total of 4) plus the SD needs to do its own 2 shows.

Tom Miles:  We currently sometimes record 6 shows at one time. 2 on SD and 4 on our HD tvs

Tom Miles:  2 per each and every tv

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Okay. Let me adjust the settings.

Tom Miles:  ok

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The upfront fees will be higher Sir.

Tom Miles:  what would the monthly cost change ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Okay. Here is the package price now with the upfront fees.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Your monthly bill is $65.99 for the first year. It will be $85.99 for the 2nd year. All prices are without taxes yet. The price I quoted includes the America’s Top 200 with the locals for $39.99 (promotional price), DVR Service for $6 and 2 HD Solo DVR Receiver for $20.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The total upfront fee is $285.15 (2 Lease Receiver Upgrade for $198 and first month’s bill with taxes).

Tom Miles:  ok, so that is not gonna save me any money

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): I am sorry to hear that.

Tom Miles:  me too

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): But come to think of it, we can give you that and your prices will not increase in terms of DVR service fee.

Tom Miles:  I pay $93 a month with tax included with Directv and have 2 HD DVRs and 1 SD rcvr now as it is.

Tom Miles:  with a few more channels also

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): I understand.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The only advantage that we have is that we don’t give false bills and information.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): DISH Network not only works hard to gain your business, but we work hard at keeping it. We want to build a long term relationship with you. We will work hard to ensure that you are a satisfied customer. Additionally, we are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): And we are rated A by the Better Business Bureau.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Not unlike DirecTV who has an F rating.

Tom Miles:  they don’t either, I have their bills already. I know what I pay. I guess Directv really is cheaper. This should make for an interesting conversation to add to my blog !!!

Tom Miles:  I will have to copy and paste this conversation to my blog, wow !!!

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): I am sorry to know that even you are paying $93 compared to what you will be paying for $85.99 you still opt to stay with your provider.

Tom Miles:  but I would have to pay $200 up front that I don’t have to pay now

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): A lot of our new customers are from your company Sir.

Tom Miles:  so where would I be saving money ???

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Maybe we are higher in terms of price for the upfront fees but I can assure you, the quality of our receivers are far much better than what you are getting from DirecTV.

Tom Miles:  so what features or abilities would be better on your rcvrs ???

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): If you really want to get the best value for your money you will not sacrifice the quality of the what it can give you.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Our DVRs has been proven and tested.

Tom Miles:  Ok, so what exactly am I getting that is better ? What features etc ? My HD DVRs work fine …..

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is absolutely true. It works fine. But when you put it side by side with our DVRs, you will see the big difference in terms of quality.

Tom Miles:  ok, what are the differences ? Tha tis what I keep asking ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The qualify of the picture and sounds of our DVRs already 1080i. It is 1080p ready. Basically it sums it all.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Clearest picture and sound quality.

Tom Miles:  Are you saying that Dirctv DVRs are not 1080 ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): 720i is the highest resolution you can get from those Alcatel DVRs.

Tom Miles:  interesting, my Directv rcvr is 1080p capable…

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): If you don’t believe me, try to check the current population of your service provide and their atrocities.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Well, if that is the case, why do 2/3 of their customers switched to us?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The main reason Sir is false pricing, hidden fees and equipment difficulties.

Tom Miles:  Wow, that is pretty high #s, where can I see that ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Check that on the Better Business Bureau and that of ACSi.

Tom Miles:  what is ACSi ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Even Comcast is rated higher than your provider Sir. They had a C rating.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is America’s Customer Service Index Sir.

Tom Miles:  ok, I will look at that.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Aside from the price, what are your other concerns?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Are you still with me?

Tom Miles:  I still don’t understand what I get for the difference in price that I don’t get now with Directv ? You are being vague as far as what features are better ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The qualify of the picture and sounds of our DVRs Sir.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Also, our DVRs can stand the test of time. Some of our 8 year customers even has the DVR that they got from us.

Tom Miles:  So, you are telling my Directv DVR is only 720 ? and it is falsely advertinsed ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Yes Sir. Try to compare your DVR now with one of your friend who has Dish Network. You can see the difference in qualify.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Did you ever own a TiVo Sir?

Tom Miles:  no never bought one of those

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The reason why it is the best DVR that was made 10 years ago because it was at that time, the clearest picture and sounds.

Tom Miles:  why do you ask ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Now, those same people who rated it the best is rating Dish Network’s DVRs as the best.

Tom Miles:  who are those people ?

Tom Miles:  you still there ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Yes.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is JD Powers Sir.

Tom Miles:  interesting

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Would you like to place an order now Sir?

Tom Miles:  I still can’t see how I am coming out ahead with spending more money.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Sir, here is what I can ask you, why do you think 1/3 of DirecTV’s customer has already switched to us and they were rated F while Dish Network was rated A by the Better Business Bureau?

Tom Miles:  So, Dish Network currently has an (A) rating with the BBB ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Yes Sir.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): You know why Sir? Because we can give you the best value for your money.

Tom Miles:  I have 1080 now… you are not telling me what features are going to be better other than blasting Directv ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): I am not blasting DirecTV. I am just telling you facts.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): If you say you are getting 1080 right now, then why do DirecTV customers complain?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): They complain on the qualify that they were getting.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): They were complaining of the high rates.

Tom Miles:  So, why do the people compain about Dish Network ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): And most of all, they complain on the hidden fees that DirecTV is charging them.

Tom Miles:  They charge for the protection plan, dvr fee and extra rcvrs same as you do, nothing else on my bills.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Honestly Sir, we do have the lowest attrition rate. And most of them were customers who neglects to pay their bills on time.

Tom Miles:  What do Dish Network customers complain about ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): If that is the case Sir, why is your monthly higher than what I am offering you?

Tom Miles:  Mine is about $5/month higher for more channels. And, I don’t have the up front cost at this point.

Tom Miles:  you did not answer my question ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is of course true since you already have the service right? Upfront costs are for people who are abut to sign up Sir.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Which one Sir?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): What are our customers complain? Is that it Sir.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): ?

Tom Miles:  brb somebody at door

Tom Miles:  i am back

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Simple. We don’t get a lot of those since our attrition is based on non-payments.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The complains that we get are mostly done by the users themselves. Like they accidentally pressed the wrong button giving them no signal.

Tom Miles:  You were telling me about why customers complain to the BBB on Directv ? What is the main complaints they get about Dish Network ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): But that is not a problem since we do have a 24/7 Customers Service Department to take care of that.

Tom Miles:  Oh, so your remotes etc… are harder to use ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): We don’t get a lot of those since our attrition is based on non-payments.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Not really. "accidentally pressed the wrong button giving them no signal.".

Tom Miles:  but you did not say that Directv has complaints about that, so I thought maybe your more elaborate system was harder to manage. Why else would you get complaints about that and they don’t ?

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): The reason for that is because we don’t get the major complains like what your company is getting.☺

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): We get the minor ones Sir.

Tom Miles:  Well, I think the best thing for me to do at this point is post this online and see what others that find it think about the arguement of Directv vs Dish Network.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): That is your option Sir.

Tom Miles:  Thanks for the info / facts

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): You’re welcome.

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Tom Miles:  no thank you

Rudolph T (ID:  SDF): Thank you for chatting with Dish Network and have a great day! ☺

Thank you for visiting DISH Network. You may now close this window.

Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

More Photos and Video of Tornado

I got to looking around and saw that there were alot of good pics and video online of the tornado a few days ago.

I also found some more pictures from the website for our local newspaper here in Waxahachie, Tx.

midsize_photo4bf5cc8e756db171233588 midsize_photo4bf5cc8ede30b079003048 midsize_photo4bf5a5db046a2992724747 midsize_photo4bf5a46c11428191319125 midsize_photo4bf5a4420417b994677128 midsize_photo4bf5cc8e258a5875104720

Tornado on May 20th, 2010 Midlothian, Texas

On May 20th, I was headed back from the post office around 2:00pm and stopped to get a Slurpee. It was extremely humid but I had no idea what I was about to encounter. I pulled out of RaceTrack and saw people running to the curb on Hwy 77 in Waxahachie to take pictures. I had no idea what was going on or why they were doing this. As I pulled out onto the street I saw the twister. I wanted to get my phone out to take pictures also, but people were driving like idiots. I saw 2 fender benders in about 30 seconds and decided to haul ass home and see what I could get from there. I got a call on my cell phone from the city of Waxahachie that a tornado was on the ground on Hwy 287 Bypass in Midlothian and heading down 287 to Waxahachie. (Duh, I had already seen it myself).

Anyways, the first 3 pictures were taken by friends of the actual tornado. I took the rest of the pictures from my home and along my street of the clouds I could catch.

There is no way to say in words what it looked like with the clouds swirling above and my adrenaline pumping. It was an awesome day and I truly love extreme weather.

Midlothian Twister

midlothian targer twisterphoto6photo 12photo1photo9photo11photo8photo7photo5photo3photo4